Scheduled: 03:00 CDT, 12 August 2011 to 13:00 CDT, 14 August 2011
Schedule: Passed

As the UT2004 LAN in Dundee, Scotland draws near, I have been collecting some information from the confirmed players to put together this coverage article. On the pages below you will find some information about the players themselves along with their personal predictions!

Netherlands Mathijs "NeMeS|s" Beemsterboer
France Florian "zelvZ" Malletier
France Thibault "ecko" Delaye
Denmark Jan "lo2dk" Hannibalsen
Norway Ivan Thomas "Forseti" Pietruszenk
Sweden Andreas "Kenchu" Ehnbom
Netherlands Wouter "ScrMz" Hinloopen
Norway Kim A. "rmzs" Lorentzen
Netherlands Frederiek "Frantic" van Gammeren
United Kingdom Matthew "savantguarde" Bett

United Kingdom Lovey, Switzerland eXen, United Kingdom Skullthrone, United Kingdom marauds, Scotland Rozzy

The tournament is sponsored by Intel, Bigfoot Networks and Artisan Gaming. The fantastic Jee Network are hosting the signups and bracket, you can find the link below to register your interest.

The tournament will take place alongside Dare ProtoPlay 2011 - a large games industry event where teams compete to design a game in just 6 weeks, with the winner being judged by the public and some industry VIPs for large prizes and potential jobs in the industry.

The Format, Seedings, Groups and so on will be added to the article tomorrow! :)

Update: Tournament results! Read on to page 13 for some player interviews. Gallery, demos and videos coming soon.

Links: Original Announcement, Tournament Page, mIRC #DARE.UT
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