The Asus Winter 2010 is taking place today in Russia Moscow and players such as Belarus cypher, Russia Cooller, China Jibo, Russia evil and Belarus Amai joined this LAN event. The group stage is already over and the cup is now in its playoffs.

The playoffs are played on a Double Elimination brackets with best-of-3 matches.

Final rankings:
1st. Belarus srs/rzr/cypher - 20 000 rubles (~489€)
2nd. Russia mouz.Cooller - 12 000 rubles (~293€)
3rd. China 4K^Jibo - 8 000 rubles (~195€)
4th. Russia agentJkezooR - 4 000 rubles (~97€) + CM STORM Sentinel Advance
5-8th. Mars, Sd!Amai, magic_iddqd, evil - 1 500 rubles (~36€) + CM STORM Sentinel Advance

Stream: (Russian comments by Russia Dunlee)
Coverage: (+ gallery), mIRC #asus.ql
Demos: cypher, Cooller, agentJkezooR, Evil, Amai