Disclaimer: this project is not active anymore. If you want to use modern q3 client with raw input support, please use this one: http://edawn-mod.org/

Hi all, I'm glad to present you another experimental build of quake3.exe, this time with raw mouse input support added.

To enable raw mouse input, just specify in_mouse 3 in your config.

You can find basic information about raw mouse input following this link . Here I briefly summarize most important differences between raw mouse input, standard windows input and DirectInput:

1) Raw mouse input has no negative acceleration which is present in standard windows mouse input (in_mouse -1) due to low resolution, high mouse speed or high DPI of the mouse.

2) Raw mouse input has no positive acceleration in comparison to standart windows input because there is no pointer ballistics applied to it. This means that there is no CPL mouse fix needed to be applied if you use this type of input.

3) Raw mouse input uses unbuffered, immediate mouse data. This means that in comparison to DirectInput it has less input lag.

I tested this build with following mice:

- A4Tech X-710FS
- MS WMO 1.1a
- MS IE 3.0
- Razer Diamondback 1600 DPI
- Razer DeathAdder 3G

So far, no problems were detected.

To tell you the truth, most of code was written not by me, but by ez-Quake (and, probably, FuhQuake) developers. Apart from merge of original code from ez-Quake 1.9, all I had to do is to perform minor changes to match Quake 3 engine inner details (event handling and memory management). Thanks to their effort, it took me only several hours to do the task.

My next assignment will be to add raw mouse input into Warsow. However, I hope that warsow developers will tell me to not waste my time because they already did it for upcoming 0.5 release :)

Edit 1: there were some problems found with running Quake 3 in windowed mode with this client, so I removed old file and placed new with the fix. Also, following items were changed:

- com_sleepFrames was renamed to com_yieldCpu

- in_mouse 3 has now even less lag due to delayed mouse movement registration (with this type of input mouse move registered right before frame is rendered)

- new cvar was added, in_debugmousemove (0,1) which shows mouse movement for x and y axis. This variable is helpful for testing mouse for input clipping problems.

Patching of CNQ3 is on the way, as well as deploying both clients (1.32b and 1.42 CNQ3) at rawquake.sf.net

By the way, with in_mouse 3 you can try to play again with high DPI enabled for your mouse. It may happen that you will like how it feels now. :)

Edit 2: CNQ3 binary was added.

Edit 3: obsolete, see edit 4

Edit 4: RawQuake has been finally released at sourceforge.net. Now featuring support of CNQ 1.43 Also, small patch needed to fix wired skybox was added (thank you Anonymous poster from the USA :)

Here is the link to download binaries for both Q3 1.32b and CNQ3 1.43:


Here is the link to project CVS:

Edit 5: Source code archives were added. To get them, use the same link as for downloading project binaries: