Famous German based multigaming organisation Germany SK Gaming announced today their return to the Q3 Quake 3 scene.

Their ranks joins one of the most accomplished Quake 3 player of all time, American United States of America John "ZeRo4" Hill and one of the most promising new school players United States of America Shane "rapha" Hendrixson.

"I feel proud to see one of the first World Cyber Games champions to become a part of the SK Gaming legacy," says SK Gaming Managing Director, Germany Alexander "TheSlaSH" Mueller.

"ZeRo4 is a player with the potential to influence how a game is played for years to come and one of the most accomplished in Quake 3's history.
We believe in nurturing talent, which is why we also set our sights on a rough diamond like rapha. I think that a Quake 3 legend like ZeRo4 could help rapha realise his full potential as a player."

Both players will attend as many Quake 3 events as they can in 2008, hopefully starting with the ESWC Masters of Paris.