Scheduled: 02:00 CDT, 30 July 2006 to 13:30 CDT, 30 July 2006
Schedule: Passed

Today we see the Sweden Swedish regional qualifiers for Kode5 taking place at Gamer's Paradise in Stockholm, Sweden.

Final Standing
1: cup_gold Sweden SK.toxic (Place in the Kode5 Final)
2: cup_silver Sweden alltherage|blue
3: cup_bronze Sweden fnatic/Purri
4: Sweden NaAani
5: Sweden [TRIAD]wakka
6: Sweden g0d-trito

The schedule and map pool are as follows:

Kode5 Sweden
#kode5.q4 on Quakenet.
Gamer's Paradise
Thanks to SK Gaming for the additional information and seedings and q4se