First off, please tell us a bit about yourself (Name, Location, Hobbies, Interests).
I'm Yannick Bovy, I live in Diepenbeek, Belgium, and I'm in gaming :)

I can remember you saying you would quit CPMA after IPL 2x2, now IPL looks as dead as it gets and fortunately you're still here. Are you still planning on quitting or was it just a fluke?
I'm going to university as of this year, and my studies are taking in more and more of my spare time. Also I got (and I'm still getting) a lot of comments about my warpy connection (Belgian cable <3), and my clan nDc was inactive as hell. I did say I'd quit CPMA but after Challenges-EU, losing a CTF game vs randy had nothing to do with it (even though we weren't pleased with the combined effort of our team). nDc picked up the line again with a whole lot of new recruits (ranger, gun, blokey, mess,...) and i'm getting a new connection (ADSL), so a lot of those annoying factors will be a thing of the past. I'm still thinking of quitting CPMA because I wanna get a decent job later on in my life. For now I'm just playing CPMA and we'll see how it works out.
What do you prefer, CPMA 1x1 or CPMA tdm 4x4?
I get a lot more satisfaction from winning team games than duels. TDM requires 4 players to be on top of their game. 1 lacking player makes the whole team play worse. In duel, you can only blame yourself for playing bad. Building up a good team takes a lot more time and effort, and when you win vs a really good clan it feels awesome. It boosts our morals a lot.
what kind of women\girls do you prefer?
Brunettes, with deep brown eyes, with a lot of humor and passion.
What's wrong with CPMA in your opinion, and what do you like to see changed?
Being a q2 player, I think the rail is a good weapon. It makes people think before they act. After you spawn, collecting shards is a very necessary thing in CPMA. However, maps like cpm3 unfortunately have some brutal line-of-sight spawn problems. Also, the LG should be toned down a bit but it should have more knockback. The PG is completely useless and should be removed from the game or it should be made a low-tierweapon. We also need more duel maps without a railgun, nodm9 would be awesome with the 2nd ya at the SG jumppad replacing the rail. Variety is good!
So you dont think plasmagun should do more than 15 dmg?
No, nothing is more annoying than being spammed to death with Belgian plasma spam.
Back to Challenges3, who do you think will be your toughest opponent?
Gellehsak, since I have to play him next round, and the loser is to be eliminated from the tournament. So the winner will not only have to win their games based on aim/strategy, but also by controlling his nerves. I think the difference in ping will be completely overshadowed by the difference in mental state in that matchup.
Apheleon isn't playing in Challenges this time, so excluding yourself ofcourse, who do you think has the most chance in winning Challenges3?
I think it will be either Fiend, Gellehsak or Gradius. My money's on Fiend though since he seems to be able to keep his cool in important matches.
Now that we're on this road, please give me your top5 prediction of Challenges3
1. Fiend
2. Gradius
3. Gellehsak
4. rat
5. cujo
what do you think of the ch3 organisation so far?
It's really great, it doesn't get any better than this:
They immediately update the brackets after every game, they put links to demos/screens/history/upcoming games/..., they come ask you in IRC to schedule your games, the admins are really nice. Props to all of them!
To my dismay I always hear European players complain about your warp (packetloss \ late packets), how much does the warp (packetloss \ late packets) affect your playing?
People may think that having a warpy connection makes me play better, but I disagree. It doesn't only make me harder to be hit, the unstable ping times also make it harder for me to pull off my shots. It sometimes feels like I'm playing the lotto. Also, when rocketjumping I have to pray that my packets don't get delayed/lost or I'm fucked :) I sometimes play after midnight, and my warp is gone because the youth in my neighbourhood quit their KaZaA'ing. I tend to play a lot better then so I don't see me underperforming after I get ADSL, in contrary :)
Is there a person that taught you how to play and \ or learned alot from?
There sure is, you might know him as nDc-div :) He's the mastermind that learned me how to play q2 and I owe all my skill to him. He learned me about every trick on q2dm1 (like shooting in the water with a pistol to make the enemy believe that you're on the water side on the map etc..), since he always watched demos from top-players like thresh, and vader. I always met him on our regular LAN's and it was my ideal sparringpartner. He sure knows how to use your brains.
If there was one thing you could change in the CPMA community, what would it be?
The community wouldn't suffer from having more players, nor would it suffer from having more LAN tournaments (and i mean big ones like ESWC). Also, the general attitude of players (including mine every now and then) could be a bit better towards other players. Losing is not a shame, it makes you a better and more prepared player in the future.
on LAN, who would be the better player, rat or Apheleon?
When you play rat, it feels like he knows what you're planning to do. He just seems to invade your mind. His prediction is awesome and unsurpassed.

finally, any last words \ comments?
Shoutouts to every player in this scene, and every organiser of tournaments (we really need you!). Also thanks to TsN for being so into CPMA and making those exhilirating shoutcasts. Also thanks to nDc and -==- for being such great chaps.

That was it! Thanks for the interview impulse!
The pleasure was all mine! ^^
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