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Book of Fixes

My settings don't save!

Type writeconfig autoexec.cfg in the console after you modify your settings.

I can't move my mouse in-game.


in_mouse -1


in_mouse 2

in the console.

My mouse pointer shows up in-game and my crosshair starts spinning rapidly.

Type in_nograb 0 in the console.

Low FPS!

1) Try updating your graphics driver and/or reinstalling them.

2) Use QLPrism

3) Commands: (Kudos to Yakumo for finding these out.)

r_enablePostProcessing 0

s_mixahead 0.140

s_mixPreStep 0.05

cg_shadows 0


cl_maxpackets 125

r_depthbits 24

r_stencilbits 8

com_hunkmegs 256

High ping/Lag

1) Turn off all torrents, downloads, etc.

2) Check to see if other user accounts on your computer are leeching data. Also check if anyone else is using your internet connection.

3) It might be helpful to use a ping scheduler like this

4) cl_maxpackets 125, cl_packedup 5 (duplicates your packets in case of packet loss), cl_timenudge -20

Quake Live not enough memory!

This usually happens when playing on large maps such as Overlord. Type com_hunkmegs 256 in the console.

Quake Live Fatal Error: An instance of Quake Live is already running. Please close this web page.

1) Close all other programs that use the plugin, including QLPrism and QLDT.

2) Restart the program. You cannot simply just kill the task by logging off your computer account, because when you log back on again, you get another error.

Quake Live Fatal Error: Core extraction failed.

1) Restart your computer

2) If step 1 doesn't work, deleted all your pk3 files from

C:\Users\[Your user account]\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\baseq3


--Fudge911 00:57, 1 January 2012 (GMT)Fudge

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