I've been having a hell of a problem lately with my sound... My new Steelpad 5H USB headphones are having this issue where background noises are drowning out noises in the foreground, causing me not to hear certain things like people moving in Q4 and such. Like for example, I can hear a rocket explode all the way down a hallway but I cant hear the guy jumping around infront of me or myself jumping around for that matter.

I thought it might just have been the heaphones but I tested them out on a friends computer and they worked fine. So I unintsalled/reinstalled the USB Drivers that came from Steelpad and still no luck. I then reformatted figuring it was a settings issue but I'm still having the same problem after a fresh installation of Windows. The problems happen with any sounds... MSN popups, Q4, iTunes etc.

So I'm lost at what to do. The sounds im getting right now are muddled and distorted and get overlapped by ambient noises in the background, and they worked when I first got the heaphones perfectly so I'm not quite sure what could have caused the issue.
If it works on someone elses computer, but I reformat and it doesnt work on mine im so confused on whats stopping it from working :(