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Here is my new video : "Fisted by deus"

It is, perhaps, not just another "Fragged by" Quake 3 frag highlight movie.

The movie features frags by the English (Scottish!) Quake3 player Dave "deus" Kinnaird. It's all about high level Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag: A greater part of the sequences comes from official games, such as Clanbase Eurocup TDM 2v2 and 4v4 games, or CTF 5v5 (playing for Gunzoids, IronFist, or even EYE). You will not see many sequences with "one nice air rocket" but rather killing streaks or perfectly chosen and timed weapon-switches preventing death at the hands of "eleet" players.

This video plays at 45 ‘fps’ for more smoothness, and features some TGA Hook special effect (the 1000 fps blend). My first video (Lyon Connection) was quite successful so I think it's a good idea to post this one here :-) .

I hope you'll enjoy.

Screenshots here.