The German powerhouse, Germany mousesports dominated the Counter-Strike tournament at this weekend's CPL World Tour event in Barcelona, taking home a check for 10,000 €. Among the 16 teams in the tourney were such teams as Denmark SK, Sweden NiP, Brazil mibr, Finland astralis, United States of America 3D and United States of America coL. However, the competition was filled with upsets, with SK, astralis and 3D all dropping out in the first 3 rounds against relatively unknown teams.

The German team made it through the tournament undefeated, and managed to beat every serious contender in their run to the finals. The finals ended up being a complete blow-out, with Germany mouz beating the favourites United States of America coL 16-2 on dust2. mousesports' full list of results can be found below.

The tournament ended up being a disappointment for many of the favourites, but bodes well for some of the less-known teams such as Brazil g3x, Norway Catch and France GG, who all played exceptionally well. Old-school team Sweden NiP can't help but be disappointed with a third place finish after being dropped into the losers' bracket early on in the tournament by Spain x6tence. The full standings can be seen below.

[small]Source: CPL Barcelona