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Gametype: Team Game
Map: de_dust2
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: HLTV
Version info: 1.5
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level wins Fatal Error #4 - the biggest Counter-Strike competition yet seen on Danish soil.
The final of A-tournament was played by lvl(winner of UB) vs SoA(winner of LB) on de_dust2
level started as T and got 12 rounds
Now SoA had to defend it all and win the second map - that didnt happen as lvl won the pistol round.
Counter-Strike (5on5) A-tournament:
1. place: 25.000 kr: level
2. place: 10.000 kr: SoA
3. place: 5.000 kr: team Magic
Enjoy this Final!

//zyphint signs out!

Update: Unfortunately this file is no longer available on ESR.