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About Game
1. Quake 4 is the best quake game in existence
2. Ultra-smooth gameplay with 240hz server tick rate
3. Ultra-fast crouch sliding movement without any corners and camping
4. Small fast dynamic maps (Monsoon arguably best map ever made in all quake)
5. Surround 3d Sound and EAX 5.0 HD advanced
6. Server list, lobbies, votes, custom game modes
7. It is possible to make a map yourself
8. Best hitbox out of any quake, its small, fast, and fair cylinder
9. Best movement speed and ground acceleration speed
10. Best weapon balance - ultra-powerful LG with 175 DPS vs 125 DPS in qlive/qc, Strong rail and Mighty Rockets, Plasma is also an awesome weapon

Quake 4 has the highest skill cap and skill ceiling out of any other quake game. Quake 4 noobs go to other games and get banned/yelled at as cheaters, because they were trained in a much faster and harder game.
Buying Quake 4 is the best investment in your life in FPS and Aim skills. It costs around 3-5$, which is cheaper than Kovaaks and any other shit game. And it has much better potential for training and developing skills.

It is never late to stop being a noob, to drop noob dead games like QLIVE, QC and kovaaks.

Join the best game out there.

There are CIS and EU servers both with 240hz and decent selection of maps.