I'm very happy to hear that fatal1ty bought his first $100k car! It definitely took him a while though. I heard Tesla aside from its exceptional navigational and technological aspect of the car, uses very cheap leather, cheap plastic and cheap wood throughout the whole car. But it's a Tesla and he should be proud. 20 minutes charges per 1000 miles is insane and free electrical charges! Buying his first car age 40 is exceptional none the less! Not many quake gamers are as fortunate he is, I mean considering how dead quake champion has been and will always be and to be able to retire early with a couple million liquid asset, fat is the man! Most quake pro players can only brag about a couple thousand dollars won from Quakecon before tax to a bunch of unknowns in-game. ďYeah, I been to quakecon and won a thousand dollars, have you?Ē I shun at those types. The unknowns. The answer is no, thatís why I work for fortune 500 now. Itís tough. Gaming life isnít all that great in all honesty. The money resides in other games, not quake ever. But Fatal1ty needs to rebrand itself and start selling headphones again. I have never liked the red earpad design on his last model never have. Headphones should always be black throughout otherwise just looks cheap. He should have gotten a different color Tesla though. White just looks cheap and default. Should always be black or lapid blue.