(stream vod)

after approximately a year and a half of terrified terrifire being unavailable to duel (not to be confused with duel dodging, of course), two TITANS duke it out on cpm22

with 3 minutes remaining (and conveniently after his loss was sealed) terifire begins to spam a suicide bind instead of the pause bind due to a "technical difficulty," and demands a regame. due to some miscommunication, the high ping hero did not give the regame he demanded immediately, and was banned from pickups for 24 hrs

only two months later the heroic highpinger was permanently banned with no reason given. in accordance with longstanding weirdo admin CPM tradition, a couple more of the most active players in the game were also permanently banned without warning. PS #playmorepromode

while freeing up some space on my storage hard drive, i figured this demo had to be archived, as it was one of my last games before fully retiring.

while it might not look like much, this demo holds a lot of sentimental value to me. the little man vs the tyrantical admin. the highpinger vs the lowpinger. the brain vs the aim. the courageous vs the terrified. david vs goliath..

it is with great sadness that i must announce my retirement from CPMA. it's almost exactly 10 years since i started this journey. it's been a long road. a lot of sweat, blood, and tears. i couldn'tve done it without you all.

but this isn't the end of my journey. my development as a pro gamer does not end here. with diabotical right around the corner... perhaps there will be another opportunity to shine, and another mountain to climb. and i'll do it with a grin, as always...

G-d bless you all