Team Juicy.AFPS is pioneering the way of AFPS esports sponsorships by putting up $10,000 dollars for up to 2 teams (4 people) to attend Quakecon 2018 2v2 tournament!

We would really like to show our esport professionals a good time at Quakecon this year. And that is why we need you to crowdfund as much as possible to reach our goal of $20,000 total cash! These professionals gamers will be hard at work and need all the help they can get to perform at peek levels. As juicy.AFPS will be carrying the bulk of the financial burden- we are asking the community to donate simply a fraction of the amount that team Juicy has already donated!!

IF Team #JUICY reaches our goal of $20,000 each team will receive %20 of the pot! This will ensure a healthy trip to Quakecon and maximum potential. Teams will also receive #TeamJUICY SWAG for repping the hottest name in Esport. #keepitjuicy

Donate today!!!!!

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