Let's forget that this thread in QC. And QC is shit. 2 minutes of your concentration.

What kind of FFA is better?

-All weapons(except tribolt) and 250 / 250 stack for all champions(ye i know dif hitboxes)

-No weapons and 100/0 stack (as it now)

I ask because, i can't understand.

WHY I NEED 9+ SECONDS OF JUMPS, AFTER MY SPAWN TO GET A WEAPON? in such random game, while 2 players hits me at the same time.

In 60-70% i can get weapon after spawn in 9 secs.

But i need more weapons depends on situation. Ye?

SO, why i need 100/0 stack while 2 players hits me at the same time? And why i need 30 seconds to pick up 2-3 weapons, while my average lifetime 15 seconds?

Is ALL admins of QuakeLive servers just idiots?

How long we need to wait a proper FFA mode? Until next Quake in 2040?

What are we waiting for?

I want to whip every admin.

Fuck your jokes, i asking seriously as never.