My concept of a competitive QC game would be the inclusion of a few things, namely, a competitive mode that stands behind a barrier of various training maps that force the player to execute a variety of aim based challenges in the destruction of bots, and movement based challenges in the completion of basic defrag maps. The very last map is a more complex map that combines 1vs1 an advanced bot on a map that has jumps that require ~500 UPS jumps to complete.

After that, you unlock competitive mode which inverts the normal game settings.

No champion abilities.
No differences in hit boxes, health or armor.
Universal movement for all players, whether CPM movement is default or you get it from picking up a particular item that you have until death.
Swinging hook should be a pickup weapon, as it is basically CPM movement in every direction:
Server side hit detection.
No speed cap.
Comprehensive stats.
Dedicated servers.
Bright skins.

What else do you guys think should be included in a competitive game mode?