Hello everyone, this is my first post here so hopefully I do not cross any red lines, if I however do so let me know

I got these two mice,

-saitek notebook optical mouse (http://icecat.fr/en_sg/p/saitek/10.80.0056/mi...09833.html),
pretty standard issue with a 800 fix dpi and probably 125 polling rate

-logitech G203 prodigy (http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g203...pecsAnchor),
which is 200-6400 dpi and 125-1000 polling rate,

And I noticed that running them both at 800 dpi resulted in a much lower effective sensitivity for the latter, which would increase as i decreased the polling rate down from 1000 to 125
I have not read that about polling rate so I was wondering what if not pr caused the difference in sensitivity at equivalent dpi?