The registration for TourneyCPM $1000 Quake Reborn Series is now open!
Official website - Sign-up - Event Details

The registration will run for 27 days, from
Nov 1 12:00AM EST to
Nov 27 11:59PM EST

To be confirmed for the tournament, the entry of $5 Canadian (CAD) must be paid, a link to the paypal will be available on the event/registration pages. Please make sure you select CAD in the paypal link AND contact an admin to confirm that it was you!!. I have no way of tracking who paid, so please notify us when you do.

TourneyCPM 1k Series Updates:

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Links: cpmaTourneyCPM Discord, TourneyCPM $1000 Series Official Page, Paypal Donations, Get CPMA Tourney CPM'S startup pack