PLEASE, oh, PLEASE, do A LOT of optimizations to the engine that will be used for QUAKE Champions.

What I mean by optimizations is like making it so that it can run on decent hardware at 150fps stable at low settings.
What I mean by decent hardware is like Intel Core i3 processor + decent graphic card (like a GTX 960, or in the future, probably GTX 1060).

The game has to run smoother than DOOM, I hope that you won't need GTX 1080 and Core i7 to run at 150-200fps.

The game must run on almost any kind of hardwares at decent conditions. People with low-end PC (intel pentium/celeron/amd FX/A10 etc... and mid-end graphic cards like Radeon R7 or GTX 940/950) should be able to run the game at ~100fps at lowest settings.

If the only way to get 150+fps is to have an i7 + GTX 1070/1080, the game will not be a success, you can be sure of that. We don't want QUAKE to end up like Crysis.

And considering the fact that id Software wants to push the game as an e-sport, if you want that to succeed, it's primordial that the game can run on a broad range of hardwares.

Take a look at the most successful e-sport games:
#1 League of Legends, can run smoothly even on low-end PC
#2 Dota 2, pretty much the same as LoL
#3 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, runs at 300 fps on recent hardwares, not even high-end. Can run at 100-150fps on 5-6 years old hardwares
#4 Starcraft 2, pretty much the same as LoL and Dota 2
#5 Call of Duty (mainly played competitively on consoles, and you need like what ? 400$ to get a PS4/XboxOne + the game and you're ready to go)
#6 Team Fortress 2 (Cartoon GFX, and just like CS:GO can run smoothly at 300fps on decent hardware.)
#7 Overwatch, runs at 150-200+fps on decent hardware (not high-end) on lowest settings

Not (yet) successful but worth mentionning:
Reflex. In my humble opinion this game is the perfect example of what I would call "perfectly optimized". The engine is quite recent, the game looks great and it still runs at 350+fps on decent hardware, which is just amazing.

Not everyone has the money to upgrade his PC, and even less people have enough money to get a 1500+$ PC, you have to take that into consideration.

I truly hope that it will be possible to tweak the GFX of QUAKE Champions to something like QL, maybe not as much tweaking as QL, but you got it, give us the possibility to run the game at 150fps on lowest settings :)

And last but not least, keep in mind that most of the hardcore quake players already have a 144hz 1080p monitor, which means that if you can't get at least 144/150fps, the game won't be smooth/fluid enough, and will basically make them play worst :), especially when you're used to 250fps (Quake Live) or 150fps (Overwatch).

That's all I had to say. Thank you if you read it all :-)