Shooter is half-black/mixed race.
Once this became public knowledge, cnn, msnbc, huffingtonpost, dailykos, and all liberal news organizations are sweeping under the rug his "race", and saying instead he was a deranged person.
if the shooter was white, don lemon on cnn, and others would be emphasizing the shooter is white. President also said that these once every 3 month "mass shootings" by whites are a national tragedy.
Isn't the real national tragedy, the 648 blacks killed by other blacks via gang violence within the last 6 months the real national tragedy.

Once the shooters race from oregon became main stream/mass awareness a few hours ago, the entire tone of CNN/MSNBC about the story was dropped down a LOT.
What benefit does CNN, MSNBC, liberal news as a whole, and the whitehouse gain by not reporting black on black crime statistics, and under reporting black on black crime, and over reporting crimes comitted by whites?
Is this part of saul alinksy philosophy?

Chicago, D.C. New York, Baltimore all these places have some of the strictest gun control law in the country and yet have the highest rate of shooting and murders.

Gun control laws are not the issue. It the mental health care system that has failed. We need to bring back mental institutions back and make it a hell of a lot easier to lock people like this up.. Possibly for a long time if need be.