b4 this thread gets sh*t on lemme explain:


- spectator friendly (in a 32 player server, you got one or two who are tearing sh*t up enjoyable to watch the specs doesn't even need to learn the map they're watching)

- accessible to all players ( what's good is that players from diff tiers get to play each other no stress maybe only the ones who wants to win badly, but even noobs will enjoy playing because more action as opposed to slow play in duel)

- potential huge increase of playerbase due to open FFA championships (invite literally everyone)

-definitely MORE SOCIAL than duel

-in cypher terms, FFA is the REAL AND HONOURABLE WAY TO play quake (jump pads, less exploits and non stop action [it's very hard to set up a play using and exploits with 31 players on your ass], QUAD RUNS, since you have no friends and allies on the server there is almost little to opportunity to camp)(YES WHEN CASUALS THINK QUAKE THEY THINK FFA)


-slap in the face for 1v1 and 4v4 players (but let's face it FFA is gazillion times enjoyable than duel or tdm, if we really want to increase to playerbase vs spectator ratio i think THIS IS THE ONLY WAY)(1v1 and TDM players are the most skilled in any afps game bar none)

- more money has to be spent by the organizers (we're all money hungry we just don't want to admit it)

-FFA tournaments might be prioritized more than duel and tdm in the future : (