Hello everyone,

I found back my old Razer DiamondBack Plasma Blue Edition 1600dpi and Agilent A3088 Sensor, which I would like to sell. It would basically need another set of pads to go rocking another couple of years! I still have the original box + pilot etc....

I fixed the cord disconnection problem and cleaned it up a bit (inside + shell). If i remember correctly it is a mouse that is a bit researched and i would have 3 little questions:

- Which respectable price should i aim at?

- Is there some special platforms for old discontinued mouse to sell or ebay will do?

- Which Gen is it actually (i think it's a 3G but not sure)?

Thanks in advance for your help ;p .

PS:(if it is useless to sell it, I may sacrifice it for a frankenmouse in a g500 shell if it is even possible and offer a good compromise)

PS2: Hope to see mouse pro h8m3 delivering!