"We know that Bronze Cards give 3 perks and different guns. I stated towards the end its not TECHNICALLY "Pay to Win". However its the drop rates & business model that pissed us off. Where you can end up getting cards you cant use in a pack that you purchased unless you spend more gold to craft them into YET MORE RNG cards (that again you might not be able to use). Also in this game you have to rely on RNG to order to get the "Perks" and "Guns" and Scopes that you want. Thanks for defending your new game, we understand your need to!! I really do. But understand our right to be annoyed by this model that is clearly built specifically for this purpose instead of normal or player selected unlocks, perks, guns and skins. I don't like it and I think its a bad system that shouldn't be duplicated in other games.
Also, In addition to spending $55 on some cards I cannot use or didnt want at all (due to the RNG). I also had gold credits given to my account, I think something like 90K, I heard other streamers were given even more, like 300K. If you only knew how much time that would take you in game to get that amount of gold, you'd see how even more of a problem the drop rates are and the RNG system actually is. You average 100-200 credits per game after a 1,000-1,500 first win of the day gold bonus, you do the math on how long that would take you to have the amount of gold I used in this video. The system pushes you to pay for the Elite Cases, and you can tell from my video what you get in Elite Cases if you do."