there we go!

If your country is not region-supported yet, you will need a VPN to activate game in steam (VPN is not needed to play it)

1. Game from creators of Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quakewars.
2. Objective based, teamplay FPS. Stopwatch mode.
3. Hipfire spread is higher than in ET, but lower than in ETQW (vanilla).
4. ~20 Mercs instead of 5 classes. with different playstyle. some of mercs are realy fun to play, some are not yet.
5. 5 Maps. tbh, not very good (some not yet finished) maps, they are playable, pretty-looking, but not very good (yet).
6. 6000+ ppl playing at the start of openBeta.
7. Not decided? - here - watch some competitive match from Final of a cup. 2 top teams playing!