Hello there, I'm just a guy who's trying to learn from both quake and reflex (haven't played this last one).
For example I read Reflex is armor based, it doesn't tick down and absorbs half of the damage, the advantages of this are not obvious to me. It means health becomes more important but then what? One thing cut from management? Different weapon balancement? Do kills take a bit more without armor ticking down?

There's also something to say about railgun's presence in duels: it slows them down. In duels and in small maps like the aerowalk one of big and fast jumps chasing happens and stop n go gameplay is reduced without such gun around.
Resulting in faster action and more kills. I'm not sure why the rail is still there in cpm22 duels, otherwise it's a magnificent weapon in team based modes.

So in general how much is reflex different from quake cpma and do you think the gameplay can be smoothed to work faster?

I think I can find more quake issues that went to reflex.
For exaple the railgun again is too effective at short distance. It's also too effective as a finisher.
The shotgun has nice "circles" to assume some dmg but like the quake one I can't really tell from videos because the shot is not contained like every other projectile gun. Or the rail.
And the plasmagun is good at everything but it's not specialised in something which doesn't make it a very good weapon, it doesn't top any "role".
Also the starting weapon is something that works on one side but not so much as far as teaching noobs to shoot goes, I watched duelers struggling to aim with such thing.
Lastly something that is totally WIP, weapon animations. The rocket doesn't really feedback on reloads (shooting is reloading but players can't tell the time between shots) nor ammo. This doesn't have much to do with skills as much as experience and good feedback is going to teach minor things faster.

pls forgive my ramblings and typos:) it's just quake is not perfect and it's weird reflex is following similar paths