A few months ago, Portugal Ins and I started a little project, and while it's far from finished, I think it's at a point where we can show it to the community.

The goal of the project is to explore game design, and in particular try to create a real time strategy game that presents the decision making proper of Quake duel, while abstracting everything that has to do with execution mechanics. We see as ultimate ambition the creation a game where people can explore and understand the meta game of dueling, with concept such as map control, weapon selection, and aggressive/defensive play as explicit elements. Whether we can reach that or not, is up in the air, but we are happy to learn trying to get there.

Why do we share this now? Mainly because we would like to receive feedback on what is there, and collect ideas about how the combat should work. We have some ideas already, but it's good to see things from different angles, even if we end up with a particular design that not necessarily please everyone.