With most of the matches completed (the goal was to go through round 3 of winner/lower brackets) we are finished with day 1 of the sanetopia tournament. There were some no shows as expected, and sadly Gellehsak did not show up for the tournament, but hopefully next time it will be a different story. Besides all the walk overs and no shows, I believe we had some great games and there are much more to come!

I would also like to thank the casters: Mtarget & Phylum For an awesome job and all the support

With that I would also like to thank PHGP for all the support as well and giving us streaming + casting help! They also gave out many prizes during the duration of the tournament on stream. Gave away 6 copies of Reflex to the people that were watching the games! Thank you PHGP

The rest of the games will be played during the week (if both players agree) but the majority of the games will be played/finished Sunday May 10th starting 4pm PST - 7pm EST

Good luck to all the players and lets have an amazing Grand Finals!!

Brackets: HERE

News + VOD's + Winners of reflex copies!: PHGP Coverage

Forum Post: Here

Live Stream + Casting starting may 10th!: HERE