alright this is kind of a strange question I guess but im sure someone shares this annoyance

it gets really hot in cali, and to save on AC costs my family has always used swamp coolers(cold water + fan essentially). this works.. alright, but at the expense of the entire house getting HUMID AS FUCk. im sure if you live somewhere gay liek florida this just happens to your house naturally

anyways this humidity has caused any mousepad I've ever owned to glide horribly. it's literally like im in mud(static friction gets way higher, kinetic is moderately higher). funfact: when i played quake I always quit during summers for this very reason!

im wondering if any of you have daelt with this and if there's anything i could do, maybe microwave the pad for 10s? lols. or maybe I should try a hard pad (the noise is swaying me away, what about steelseries 4d)