Everyone knows Quake is plagued by trolls and cheaters who are a big part of why the game is dying. You might think that cheaters are the biggest problem, but I say TROLLS killed Quake. Trolls like "tyryl" aka DARYL are supposed to be banned, yet return each day with new accounts. What are the new players think when they join and only see that harassment? Here's why the numbers of abandoned steam after a short boost ... Because it is a TOXIC community losers ... This is why !!! One troll is bad enough, but there are many. Chaos252 and agentsmith are the same as HATERS tyryl, it is pathetic. These three call everyone hackers, warper, fagots, noobs, mexicans and it does not matter if they win double the next highest score, everyone is still a fag or cheating. Notice how they always say that everyone cheats or "12 years old noobs with free hacks" when it is obvious THEY ARE HACKING TOO! Tyryl stalks female players and they all threaten to hack or stalk others. Let me guess they will come to your house because they mad at a video game OMG wow. what a bunch of idiots. Tyryl we all know that you are using timers and wallhack know you're autistic yes but not THAT autistic.