Hello, been a long time since I have posted anything here. I have an FK that I use at the 450CPI setting (I know it is interpolated) and I really like the mouse. The only improvement I could see being done to the mouse is having lighter switches but that probably is not going to happen.

I play games very competitively and compete in tourneys so I would like to get the best performing mouse possible. Right now I am debating getting the FK1 or Roccat Kone Pure Military. I am not sure if it would be worth waiting for the 3366 to come out though as well. I know that the 3366 is going to offer higher perfect control speeds (however I barely hit the perfect control speed of my FK anyway), and will have higher FPS with less smoothing. Again though, I don't really notice smoothing on my FK either. I've never owned a mouse with less smoothing that the FK so I cannot notice smoothing on the FK without having used a mouse with no smoothing to begin with, you know?

Basically I really like light, ambidexterous mice, but I am not sure what I should do here.

BST's mouse is also on the table but I don't know if there is really a point in getting a second 3090 sensor when I already quite like my FK. Although his mouse does have the switches and weight that I would like. I also think that he might be releasing a 3310 model in the future which I would really like to buy. I hope that he decides to use a 3366 sensor though since the 3310 is already all over the market. He could be one of the first with the 3366.

Anyway, all rambling aside...

What are some great mice out there with a light, ambidextrous design, and amazing sensor? I'm debating the Kone Pure Military, Ninox Aurora, or Zowie FK1. Either that or I could wait for the 3366.

What have you owned and how did you like it?