My EC2 eVo black got beer poured in it, and the mouse1 began to malfunction intermittently. I went to looking for a replacement. All the resellers are pretty much tapped for EC2 eVo black, but the less popular EC2 eVo white is still available. Same sensor, I figured, "screw it... I don't care how it looks."


The nice matte finish on the black is not what you will find with the white. The white is a shiny enamel affair that gets greasy and slips around in your hand and sucks really bad.

So being the ingenious guy I am, and recalling back to TechTV/Metku mouse mods days that there was this substance called Plasti Dip, I decided to improve things manually. Plasti Dip is a spray-on grip substance. You simply spray several coats (and make sure to not fill in any mechanical bits), and poof: your plastic, metal, wood, or whatever now has a permanent grippy rubber coat.

I don't have pictures of the process, and I honestly sort of half-assed it because it was for utility, and not looks. But the thing works pretty nicely. I simply used some store-brand blue painter's tape on the mouse's naughty bits and sprayed even coats as prescribed. Three coats to be exact. I also sprayed with respect to the charges that Plasti Dip might peel if you spray over a joint. But I also didn't want to risk taking off the teflon feet and dissassembling the mouse.

The mouse is grippy and nice, almost like the texture of a basketball, there was a sticky mouse1 for a week or so, but i finally located the drip and it flaked out and now there is no such problem. Only took about 4 hours, and made this unwantable mouse wantable and nice.

e: cleaned the surface with a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol and lint-free cloth