SpawnKill, a gaming organization which brings news and events to the Australia Australian community is proud to present the SNKL Invitational. A perfect time to test a new bracket system we have been looking at, so we will be running this invitational competition to uproar some interest from the lesser players. Prizes have not crossed our mind as of yet, we're in the middle of work cover, if things come through then we will be willing to throw 500 - 1000, if not, we will get a kick starter going.

paypal :
start donating, ANY amount is welcome, i'll hopefully be forcing the most from my pocket but please be generous, i'll love you for it, and I'll bring you more action, if this goes this well, then i'll do an Invitational for europe!, so start donatin, $1 $10 $20 , doesnt matter every bit counts

In the case that these players are unavailable to play, we will run a qualifier on a Friday or Saturday and Sunday to fill the void. commencing at 14:00 CDT (This is a sunday evening)

Links: Facebook Spawnkill, Official website

*UPDATE 4/7/2014 is the invitational | qualifiers is still 30/5/2014