Scheduled: 12:00 CDT, 1 April 2014 to 13:10 CDT, 1 April 2014
Schedule: Passed

The FACEIT Winter Season Final between Belarus Cypher versus Russia evil is set to take place on 1 April, 12:00 CDT.

The two Quake titans have been going head to head recent months in the FACEIT Winter Season, both topping cups on a weekly basis. In their road to the Grand Finals, they managed to both top their groups.

Russia Evil managed to overcome pavel, ash and Madball with relative ease, while Belarus Cypher beat dem0n and Spart1e, as agent got disqualified. Also in the semi finals both duelers showered their supremacy, with evil beating Spart1e with 3:0, and Cypher taking out ash with that same score.

The two will now face in the grand final, all streamed live on United Kingdom FACEIT TV with commentary by United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia and United Kingdom Ziggy "nVc" Orzeszek!

Stream: United Kingdom FACEIT TV
Links: FACEIT // Winter Season Finals overview, mIRC #FACEIT, Facebook FACEITCommunity, Twitter @FACEIT