And it's not like I didn't already know this, my problem is this:

In a months time I'll be going to a LAN-party in Copenhagen where the only focus is fun and games. No big tournaments, no huge prizepool -- just games.

I have been told that they will run a small Quake-tournament and as the huge fan that I am, I have to go.

NOW. Since you can't expect random dudes at a LAN party, caught in the heat of the moment, to pay for Quake Live (when Quake Live'rs won't even) in order to be able to play this little tournament, I thought, "this will probably be done in Quake 3."

So, I installed my Quake 3
and then proceeded to install CPMA from (yay \o/).

I loaded up a game and thought, "the hell is this". This is where I need your help, guys.
I need Quake 3 to look and feel as close to QL as possible. This includes:

cg_fov 110 in QL.
sens 3
m_pitch 0.018
m_yaw 0.018
cl_mouseaccel 0.07
in_mouse 1
r_mode (-2 = 1920x1080, but I think I got this covered with custom height+width)

I'm on a 24" monitor and play in widescreen.

I could not, for the life of me, make it feel anything close to what I am used to, and since this is the only occasion I will be playing Quake 3, I want it to feel like Quake Live, not the other way around.

Please, is there any way to make this a smooth transition?