I have a friend that plays PC games a lot - problem is they are MMO or similar games such as: Guild wars 2, and Torchlight 2 / Diablo. She wants to try some first person shooters and I KNOW that quake is way too big of a leap- she will get a bad taste regarding the FPS genre as a whole and I want to avoid that.

I was thinking we could play some Valve games such as TF2, Portal 2 coop, Half life 2 COOP (Synergy Mod), but that's all I could think of. Those games are FPS, but a lot easier and more forgiving for someone who isn't used to, say, strafe jumping... (Not to mention the qlive community is not forgiving with respect to new players at all)

Anyway, can you guys recommend any other games to consider from your past experiences? I'm pretty much open to consider anything and I come to ESR because you guys are the best resource for this topic!