I have made (read: reworked a template to my needs) a new website for Ground-Zero. The site is of the static kind and I hope to communicate via Twitter.

So check it out and I will try to bring stuff on stream that is usually not already streamed. This makes me very dependent on you! So please let me know in advance when you want something to be streamed. I will usually wisely keep my mouth shut on stream. As I did in the past, I will likely provide value through picture in picture streaming and/or 720p 60fps (at 2828 Kbps). You can find more about that setup on the About page, where I've put it in a schema.

You will see other things on the stream when I don't have anything Quake scheduled (I'll let you know in advance that I don't have the time unfortunately to read up on all the tournament schedules). At this point that will result in things like Serious Sam or Minecraft. Things that allow Lashknife to walk away from his PC without any competition-wise consequences as he 2 children to attend.

This bring me to my fun saturday part. Saturday 6th of July I will be spending my last freely available Saturday for a very long time. My wife will be home starting the monday after to spawn a new player in the arena of life. We expect him to arrive in the first half of October. So you see, whenever I'll be home, there will be someone that will need my attention.

I'm hoping to do something fun with the community and hope to stream all day with anyone who wants to come up and speak with me on stream. We can try some funny shit, or whatever, we could even do freeze tag. I have pro so I can spawn and invite. If enough people show interest we could have a little fun tournament in any gametype for the shits of it and I'll see if I can scramble some prizes for the winners.

Lastly, I'm still looking for help with Holysh1t.net and Ground-Zero. If you are interested in helping out, writing an article or if you want to stream under the GZTV flag, create streaming overlays (I'm working on a new spechud for streamers using FragTV btw), you can even help me by keeping me aware of streamable Quake Live events, it's all very much helpful. So leave a comment or PM me, use the contacts on the site, mail, IRC, Twitter...

- InFerNo