So I have stopped playing Quake Live actively like 6 months ago. Sure from time to time I re-installed it just to check it out again and play some matches but mostly I got raged at the game and it's servers pretty soon and just left again. It even went as far as deleting both my accounts from the game (one dating back to open beta days) and removing ESReality and other Quake related sites from my browser history.

But no matter what I do, it does not seem like I would be able to leave this game ;/. I have tried to concentrate on playing League of Legends competitively and enjoyed it quite a bit. I still will continue to play it and I will try to compete in it, but I realized that I need a second game to not lose motivation for it and since I am too lazy to learn a 3rd game (especially because the only viable game is SCII and that is just way beyond my capabilities as a gamer) I decided to get back to Quake Live again. Sure I will probably rage about the 50-60 ms ping to Frankfurt servers again and again, but in the end this game is beautiful and has a pretty nice, unique community that keeps me entertained (especially here on ESReality ;)).

I even decided to give Pro-Subscription a chance and will buy a 3-month subscription (id Software and Bethesda are still assholes for not allowing PayPal or PaySafe Cards as payment methods but what ever I will just use DirectDebit...) in the next 1-2 weeks. And that's quite a huge step considering I have been bashing the freemium concept of QL since it was introduced and told myself I wouldn't give id Soft a lousy penny until they've fixed the game into a state where it would be worth the investment.

Now I need to get back in the rhythm of playing this game. I'm extremely rusty and need lots of practice to get to the (still piss poor) 1,4k ELO level I had before I quit this game. Anyone who is in the range of 1,2k-1,3k ELO in Duel and is able to play on GER servers comfortably (no ztn-only heroes pls) is free to add me under my nick "WTFProoF" in Quake Live. People with Pro-Account are preferred for now, but people with other subscription-status can add me too, we will just need to have someone who can spawn us a server.

My goals at the moment:
- reach 1,4k ELO asap
- relearn all important maps again
- learn to time by numbers and not by hearth
- finally get my LG to constant 30% acc and not the lousy 24%-26% average
- compete in facit's as often as I can


I am back, getting myself Pro-subscription, searching for duel practice partners in 1,2k-1,3k ELO range (nick in QL "WTFProoF"). Quake is awesome. I am officially an attention whore now... Yay!