... "It's a Wrap!" to our House of Quake CTF Season 4.

As per usual House of Quake season, we've had clutch play, MVP performances, match scheduling drama, great attempts by certain aspirants and crowning of champions, and much more!

All the outstanding matches have been treated as def-losses for both teams (which gives both teams +0 points and doesn't penalise either clan in regards to their Flags Captured to Flags Lost ratio), unless one of the teams previously withdrew from the league, in which case the remaining team was treated to a defwin as the sole remaining participant.

Thanks for reading, and House Of Quake CTF will be back for a renewed season in a time when there is less clan and national competition, in order to give players with multiple focus to breathe. House of Quake TDM is starting its wrap-up/closure procedures, and House of Quake CA 4v4 and 2v2 have just started.