Scheduled: 18:00 CST, 20 February 2013 to 22:00 CST, 20 February 2013
Schedule: Passed

Tired of getting owned by people with a higher Elo then you? Canít quite get your foot in the door for the big cups? Then this is the cup for you!

There will be a cup each week, so we need a different winner for each! At the end of 3 weeks (March 6th) we will be having a "Step it Up Duel Master Finals" event, where prior first- and second-place winners will be placed in a Bo5 single-elimination bracket!

EDIT: 2/17/13
Bracket Just Filled Up! Now taking people for the wait list. There will be no shows, so just join #siu if you're not on the bracket. A few people will not show up. (like always) and if they're not checked in by 7:15 pm est I will replace the no shows with the
ones who are on the wait list.


Stream: everamzah
Links: Sign Ups!, Brackets // mIRC #SiU