Im having a really weird accel issue and I really dont know what to do anymore.

A while back I made myself a whole new config. I did it line by line to make sure there are no crap cvars enabled. I copied the config, renaming it to qzconfig and repconfig respectivelly. Made it read only to make sure QL wont overwrite anything, made autoexec and ... everything was perfect. Until a few days ago.

Whenever I join a server recently, the accel is acting rather...randomly. Either its very low or very high. I tried execing the config file manually, which helped, but I had to do that every time I joined a server. Its really, really annoying and today, I got it to work only by reexecing repconfig and it took several tries.

I really, really have no clue what might be causing this, Ive made sure that all the config files contain the same values, I made sure acceloffset is set to zero, I made sure its not some kind of placebo effect, but no, its real.
This issue seems to be only ql related, cpma is fine.

Do you guys have any ideas?