ok, so my girl finally dumped me (thank god) and shes gonna take the rest of her stuff out of my aparment soon. havent been quaking for some time now. the last time i played was on the office laptop when ztn was still available for free. boxing consumes most of my free time but i still like to watch some good quake action from time to time and since most of the players are migrating to shootmania im wondering about this game.

is it good?

dies it have heavy tactical aspects like quake?

from what i saw its only a console a like fps where u go frag frag frag frag, no items timing, no in depth map knowledge required

does it offer sophisticated movement?

please tell me about it, is it worth watching?

and the most important thing is it duelable?

quake duels were like boxing, thats why i loved them so much, tons of strategy + much raw skill like movement and aiming and im looking for something similar