So here is the thing. I am visiting my parents this weekend and my mother forced me to sort my old stuff. Since I am not living with them for about 5 years now, most of this stuff will be thrown away / burned down. I've managed to find some goodies that reminded me probably best years of my life.

These two were in the box ready to go, but I just couldn't get rid of them.

I've also found my baseball cap with q3 logo and some old cd's containing pr 1.17, first version of promode, very old demos in .dm3 format and many more add-ons. Unfortunately my q3 t-shirt died in a washing machine :(

Because of this I feel a little bit nostalgic now. Anyone else miss years 1999-2004?

Edit: Here is the demo pack that i found . Mostly some polish promode oldboys: krogoth, venom, tomson, fetter, B but also fatality, prozac, polosatiy and more.