I hate CA, but it's so hard to find a good game in any other game mode. It's pulling teeth to get CA players to play TDM. I remember someone posted a while back the idea of noobing up TDM a bit to make it less brutal to tdm newcomers. I gave it a try yesterday, and the results were fantastic. A lot of really close games, and a lot of people who'd never played TDM had a great time, and are excited to play more.


I'll be running nightly NEWB TDM games in LA, and possibly in TX / IL if that's where the players are (even though my ping is shit there. Don't care).

Settings we'll be using:
Weapon Respawn: 15 seconds (default 30)
Map Timelimit: 12 minutes (default 20)
Starting Health: 125 (this is the default)
Starting Armor: 25 (default 0)

Toying with the idea of giving SG or PG on the spawn. I wish I could make it randomly pick one of those 2 on each spawn, but whatever.

If you're in NA look for our nightly games! And add me on QL and ask for an invite to our new tdm-W clan.


UPDATE: Here's the start a match settings, as requested.

CA players aren't really flocking. They just want to CA. So newb'd settings are gone. Back to 30 second weapon respawns and 0 starting armor. Going to raise game time to 16 minutes (20 can still be a grind), but have kind of a low mercy limit (40 frags). That way if the game's an obvious blowout, it probably won't last more than 5 or 10 minutes, and you can fix the teams. I'll still be spawning servers almost every night, and spamming invites. Also, in order to get more mid/east players in, I'll probably run the games in TX instead of LA. Also, we're using the #qlpickups.us mumble for voice comms.