That's right, after about one year of work, Quake History has finally reached the beta phase. I would like to take this opportunity to share some information with you about the some things I have been working on. The first thing I would like to mention is the Versus feature, which gives you the ability to compare players and teams (maps as well in the future). Secondly, I have updated the stream list (status refreshed every 3 minutes) where you can watch - mainly Quake - other people's streams. Thirdly, an IRC bot has been deployed by Poland xynix - more information below. Last but not least, I have finally managed to add the biggest tournament so far: the last ZOTAC QL Duel Cup (#144).

The website is growing, slowly but maturely. Currently there are about 2400 matches, 140 tournaments, 1200 players, 100 streams present in the database, which still is a tiny little part of the Quake world (new content is being added almost every day). There are currently 52 users, who can write comments, change their account settings and add literally everything to the "favourites".

Once I finally get a 40/40 Mbit connection the Quake History TV will start streaming some goodies for you! :)

Links: Quake History // mIRC #QuakeHistory