This is going to be a personal opinion/discussion opener.

Why Reflux should be included in every future CTF tournament:

Reason one: It's gorgeous.
This is clearly not the most important reason as most streamers use picmip 16, which I'm totally fine with, although I agree that picmip 0 might be better to lure in outsiders. Nevertheless, this map is a true eyecandy, the graphics and the perfect color balance make it one of the best looking in Quake Live.

Reason two: It's a spectator pleaser.
The big blender or mixer surrounded by toxic waste causes a lot of funny moments for the viewers, and the instense action to get the Battle Suit is just awesome to watch. The caps themselves are pretty good looking too, flying through the blender in the middle of the map, and it's a tight map with not many caps on it so it's sure as hell exciting.

Reason three: It's highly competitive.
Some might argue that the funny moments caused by the blender and slime make this map more casual. I think it's the exact opposite: you not only have to fight the other team but the elements, too. Also, I think br1ck showed us on QuakeCon that this map can be played on a pretty high level. Plus, it's not easy to cap even with Battle Suit since you can easily get caught by 3 shafters, but the defenders also have to pay attention to avoid shafting the flag carrier towards his own base, because with BS it's pretty easy to get away that way.

Reason four: It's one of a kind.
I think it's pretty important for a 5-map tournament to have maps that have different profile, different playstyle. Reflux is the only CTF map with Battle Suit on it, and the blender is also pretty special. Therefore, I think you cannot not include Reflux.

For me, an ideal maplist would look like this:
- Reflux: Mid-size map with Battle Suit, toxic waste and a blender.
- Ironworks: Small, fast map with Regeneration in the middle.
- Japanese Castles: Mid-size map with 2 sets of random power up (Quad/Regen).
- Spider Crossings: Mid-size map with 2 sets of Regen and a random Quad/Speed in the middle.
- Troubled Waters: Mid-size map with no power ups and water.

- Stonekeep or Shining Forces to replace Spider Crossings.
- Infinity to replace Troubled Waters or Ironworks.