Hello everyone !

First of all I wanted to thank all of you to watch my stream. It is really important for me, and I don't want quake to die so I had to do something.

Here's my sentence on facebook :

"Thank you to have watched my stream, I hope you liked my fake rage sometimes! and some real rage. It's good to rage on this game cause it show true emotion and proves that you love this game.

I will schedule date for streams, lessons, tourneys etc. For tourneys, you can donate on kevalanoe@hotmail.fr . With this donation, I will wait some weeks, and when we will gather enough money, I will make tourney for it and bring all the best players around. I may participate after some tourneys. However, the most important is to make it work, Quake is important and we should help each other"

You can watch a video where I explain the project at this donation page.

Basically, I will wait some weeks, when I gathered enough money, I will organise cups, with some big prizes, sometimes lower. You can donate whatever you want (1euro, 2euros, more)
If we reach a nice amount, I can organise good tournaments, (at least 1 per week.) If there is more money, 2 per week, and a big final tournament.

There will be pro gamers cups, raising stars cups, and newbie cups (everybody deserve to win something)

I asked to cooller already on skype, and he said maybe. I was really inactive in quake so I haven't realised that so many people improved (baksteen, pavel, agent etc...). Therefore, I need to keep my zotac skill because I raged so much on my latest stream. Sometimes, it's funny to rage :D.

I will stream all this stuff on www.twitch.tv/strenx_ (I will try to ask to zoot to cast and/or ischju.)