I'd like to know if there are any mice on the market with advanced acceleration settings in their software.

I know that 99% of people hate mouse acceleration, so I'd like to skip that part, please. I hope that people who play with acceleration will help.

Which mouse do you use? Any recommendations, any third party software for those kind of settings?

I played on many logitechs for years (mx500 for too long) and i liked their "low" acceleration value in MouseWare drivers. It was pretty smooth curve, not too agressive and most importantly, it's in my blood.

They completely changed it in new logitech setpoint drivers and i dont like it and can't get used to it. Acceleration curve in windows is too agressive for me, too. I know that can be changed, but I would need something custom built to suit my needs.

I've tried many mice (G500 currently), but I can't find any of them with acceleration I like. Even worse, I cant get used to playing without acceleration after all these years.

I even tried steelseries sensei which has all those settings, but they work like crap and mouse is only usable without acceleration.

Do you have any recommendations for me, hardware or software?

Some tool to build windows acceleration curve to my needs would be cool. Or any pre-built curves for windows.

Of course I would eventually get used to playing without acceleration. Here are a few reasons why I've been choosing not to:

Without acceleration I can't have precision and quick turning at the same time. If I set dpi higher for quicker turning, I'm not precise enough at any distance. If I set dpi lower for higher precision, turning is too slow and ergonomically unsatisfying for me, as I have to move my hand too much while playing. I know that is the key to being competitive, especially if that's all you want,but I'm not that guy. I want to be competitive enough, like I was, but with "best of both worlds", precision and quick turning at the same time, while feeling completely comfortable. And have a decent windows experience with same settings as in games.

I had all of that with good logitech's acceleration, but now they've changed it. On the other hand, you are right, playing with acceleration can be inconsistent at times, but like without acceleration, you build muscle memory with time and it can be a pretty good experience.

I don't know if its possible to get used to some high dpi and be quick enough, and still have precision with time and practice. Which dpi settings are you playing with? Do you use the same settings for windows?

All this is a preference, of course, so I hope more people that understand what I'm talking about will respond.

If only those acceleration settings were consistent across mice manufacturers, its a mess like this. If I somehow got used to no acceleration, I could choose whichever mouse I like.

Thanx in advance guys.