That's it. After 2 *long years, IdS team managed to bring back italian QL servers.
First feedbacks are very positive: lots of IT players logged in and are crowding quake again, thanks to ~ 20-60ms ping reduction. Also neighbouring players (FR, CH, AUT) seem to obtain some ping benefits.

If you want to read the full story, you can follow this link (sorry, only italian atm):

By the way, server is running on our pockest, so ... if you feel generous and you want to contribute, you can click 'Donazione' (=Donation) on the right frame (you will be redirected to paypal).

The red/green bar shows how much money we still miss for the 1st year fee.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported this, especially my clan mates Ston3DColt and Kcirtap86.