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Rating: 8.8 (120 votes)
The long awaited Quake 3 movie that I promoted during DreamHack Winter 2011 is finally here.

This movie has been delayed due my studies etc, but finally I managed to finish it. Honestly it only took 9+4 days to make. 4 days for the intro which was already made, and 9 days for all the other parts. I recaptured everything that I presented at DHW too, because the in-game effects were different in Q3 and QL. Thanks to United States of America brugal; he managed to put Quake3 support into his awesome tool, WolfcamQL.

Well...enjoy the movie, and if it get really high points overall (9+) I might do a sequel sometime ;)

Oh and....HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENK!!! Also, a new short for Quake Arenas is out (youtube).